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How to Make Large Furniture Look Smaller

You may have inherited large and bulky furniture. Perhaps you need them for storage. Whatever the reason, they visually weigh down a room. To make them look smaller, try changing the way they are placed in a room. Even a small change can make a big difference. Listed below are a few ideas to make your large pieces of furniture look smaller. Use these tips and your new furniture will be smaller in no time!

Raising furniture up from the floor creates the illusion that the item is lighter. Furniture sitting directly on the floor can look like a huge boulder. By raising your piece, you create more room around it and beneath it. This gives the illusion of less visual weight, tricking your brain into thinking the piece is lighter. If you have a large piece of furniture in your room, try lowering it slightly and using a contrasting color.Shipping large furniture items, such as tables, can be a challenge due to their size and dimensions. However, professional table shipping services specialize in efficiently handling and transporting these bulky pieces.

Avoid crowding a room with too much furniture. A room that is too cluttered can feel cramped and small. Instead, try to group similar-sized items in vignettes, creating a sense of space. It can help if you have furniture that does not have visible legs. Some furniture has a skirt or trim piece that extends to the floor. Try to avoid moving large pieces of furniture in the center of a room unless you need the space.

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