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Kitting Out Your Caravan

The first step to kitting out your caravan is to decide what you will need. Some people know exactly what they need instinctively, but for others a checklist is an essential part of the process. Having a plan for what you need is crucial – even if you are travelling without the items in question, you don’t want to be caught short! If you’re planning to take the caravan with you for an extended period of time, consider the following checklist:

First, decide what you’ll need to power your caravan. A battery isolator will be enough for most vanlifers, but you might also want to install a 200-watt solar kit. If you plan to use power-hungry electronics, you may need to consider shore power hookups, which can help you deal with this added load. In addition, many developed campgrounds have electricity hookups, so you can use an inverter/charger to charge your batteries.

Investing in reflective curtains can reduce heat inside the caravan. These curtains come in reversible varieties, with the back side of the reflective material being a dark fabric. It is recommended that you face the curtains outwards, as radiant heat can be absorbed through the walls. You can also use reflective window curtains. If you’re going to be in the caravan for several days, you can even install reflective curtains on the windows.

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