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The Last Movie Stars

Before the advent of talkies, performers had very limited options for roles. They were either one-dimensional or had to play roles with no real character development. After talkies came along, actors were able to choose characters that their audience could relate to. The most successful stars were those who found a role they could instantly grasp and interpret. These actors are now considered MovieStars. Here are some of their most memorable roles. This list is not exhaustive; it is simply a starting point.

“The Last Movie Stars” explores the cult of celebrity that surrounds Hollywood actors. Hawke’s film is packed with personal energy and confronts the phenomenon of adoration that has plagued Hollywood’s actors for decades. He also explores the struggle to remain artistically significant, socially responsible, and maintain friendships and family life while being in the public eye. He uncovers that there is no formula for living a Hollywood actor’s life.

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